Our Values

What we stand for


Inclusive Sustainability

Many groups within society, especially those of low income, are neither the target of nor involved in many sustainability-oriented design projects. We strive to involve these groups in the design process and develop broadly-accessible solutions.


Accounting for Social Context

Social and environmental issues are too closely intertwined for solutions to ignore either factor. Our aim is to increase the agency of under-represented members of society in socio-environmental dialogues concerning the development of a more sustainable and equitable society.


Planned Obsolescence

There is a worrying trend of "bandaids", whereby issues are considered resolved when stopgap NGO solutions are implemented. We aim to incorporate obsolescence into our design solutions to give governments a clear timeframe for the development of systemic solutions.


Open-source Solutions

Intellectual property laws are stagnating innovation. Access to our open-source solutions will be conditional on the signing of our ethical charter. This holds user(s) to account on a range of issues and ensures that the innovations developed by Hier&na will ultimately be beneficial.